A Smile a day can take someone out of the darkness
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Dear Family If you would choose me to be your Au pair I will give my all to that child. Because I am a teacher I always try to not just look after your child but try to get him or her to learn in any environment. But not just that I really love children the way they make me smile and just the fact that I can make them smile. The hugs the laughter that is what takes me through a tuff day and turn it into joy and happiness. My dream is to go do Au pair in the Nederlands but due to the virus I don't have enough savings, so now I would like to save up and prepare myself by doing it hier in SA first.The reason I would make the perfect Au pair is because of the past experiences that I hade with children. The fact that I am a ECD (Early Childhood Development) teacher and that I can't stop saying, that I love children because I really do. Plus the bonus is because I have worked as a daycare facilitator ;I have a lot of patience and a really calm personality. Children is the future of this world and if you teach them from a young age the basics of life except school work your children will be able to go into this word with confidence and passion because he or she will know how they are and go for if and nothing will hold them back.. It's like building a foundation for a house, if it's not a good foundation the walls will start to crack or something will not work.. That why for me a child's foundation is very important.